WOPCOM. Here’s where you can find CINET Corona Webinars Presentations!

The CINET Coronavirus Protocols and Recommendations for the Professional Textile Care industry, as well as the presentations of the CINET Corona Webinars from both Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services can be found on the WOPCOM platform. 

The CINET Webinar Presentations – available on WOPCOM

WOPCOM (The World of PTC Community) is an online platform where partners of Professional Textile Care come together & find information on business development.

WOPCOM is a digital community platform and as such not a competitor to other information services, trade fairs, associations, trade magazines or consultants. They are all invited to use WOPCOM as the digital platform of the Professional Textile Care Industry worldwide. On the platform, you can find the following:

  • Hundreds of articles on best practices in PTC (and the content is continuously updated).
  • Benchmark Studies (including the latest Solvetex VI from 2018 on wetcleaning performance) can be accessed in the platform, as well
  • Exclusive! Blog posts from some of the most experienced Professional Textile Care global experts


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If you are a CINET member, your membership assures a free user account with access to the platform. In case of any other queries about the access to the platform, please let us know, by contacting CINET Secretariat (cinet@cinet-online.com).

For non-members of CINET (yet)

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