WOPCOM: online expert info 24/7

The WOPCOM – World of PTC Community was launched at ExpoDetergo International in October 19-22 October! A new online platform where partners of professional textile care come together & find information on business development.

WOPCOM is a digital community platform and as such not a competitor to other information services, trade fairs, associations, trade magazines or consultants. They are all invited to use WOPCOM as the digital platform of the Professional Textile Care Industry worldwide.

The main benefits of WOPCOM are the following:

  • WOPCOM provides neutral, objective and reliable PTC information of high quality – proofread by the WOPCOM Committee – provided by numerous professionals and organizations from within and outside the PTC industry.
  • Connect with PTC professionals on an online platform accessible to any type of stakeholder. With a subscription fee affordable to any successful manager in the world you will be part of a network of experts. You can discuss pressing issues and ask questions, WOPCOM will connect you to consultants and experts that provide answers.
  • Easy accessible information through any device (Smartphone, tablet or desktop) with convenient navigation and filters, recommendations for further reading / watching and a account page to customize settings to your preference.