World of PTC Volume 6: Innovative Businesses & Showcases

In follow up of volume 5 (published in 2016) efforts are being made by CINET in writing a new book in the World of PTC (Professional Textile Care) series. Book 6 will be dedicated to the latest developments in new business models. The first part focuses on a qualitative description of business model developments in the world of professional textile care. The second part shows about 100 examples of companies which participate in The Global Best Practices Awards 2018.


Digitalisation is the driving force

The most interesting developments can be subscribed to digitalisation in new business models. Subjects as Laundry on Demand, Smart textiles, online marketing and ‘my digital transformation’ are being described. Laundry on Demand makes its entry in B2B customer segments and a broad analysis shows both opportunities and threats for the current textile companies. The book includes several practical case descriptions on the way companies are dealing with digitalisation.


The importance of Hygiene

As described by Washing Board of Excellence in the report “Trends in Laundry by 2030” hygiene will become more and more important. Laundry is an important aspect to guarantee hygienically clean environments, (most) hospitals are aware of this. With the increase in population and the ageing of the people, hygiene will gain in importance for other areas as well, for example in care homes. Book 6 provides extra attention on how to implement hygienically clean laundry services in the business model, for instance on Clean Room concepts; important aspects including specific technical and marketing features are mentioned in these articles.


Smart choices

The 3rd theme consists of modern management techniques that allows companies to make smart choices in relation to new business segments and to improve services on existing product offerings to achieve better results than their competition. Central focus is a total-solution for textile care including clear descriptions on how rental-businesses can be accomplished. The rental part includes calculation methods and examples as well as specific aspects that require special attention in contracts for rental services.


World’s best showcases

The 2nd part of the book will present 100 of world’s most impressive showcases in professional textile care. Each company’s most extraordinary features will be described on 2 pages, this concerns companies of both Retail Textile Cleaning as Industrial Textile Services. These are all participants in the Global Best Practices Awards organised by CINET, which will take place on October, 18th and 19th 2018 in Milan during the Expo Detergo trade show.