Xeros became Hydrofinity

Xeros Cleaning Technologies – developer of water-saving commercial laundry solutions for hotels, has recently changed its name to Hydrofinity.

Mike Ferrand – managing director at the company: “Our choice of new company name represents our key objective of helping to sustain the world’s water supplies for current and future generations. We must work to tackle global water crises now and can no longer take water for granted.”

The company will use sustainable cleaning and fabric care technologies provided by the Xeros Technology Group. Compared to traditional machines, the newly-named company states that the near-waterless wash process replaces up to 80% of water with XOrbs spheres which employ a gentle yet effective mechanical wash action on linens. XOrbs can also wash in ambient temperature water, eliminating the need to heat the water, creating additional energy savings and keeping linens looking newer for longer. XOrbs last for approximately a thousand washes before needing to be replaced.