Xeros develops sustainable washing machine components

For the last decade, microfiber pollution from textiles has increasingly been in the news; ways to tackle this issue have been investigated and numerous entities have funded research and development projects. Now, Xeros Technologies says it has developed washing machine components ‘capable of reducing water use up to 80%’, are capable of preventing the shedding of microfiber from clothing items, and are able to ‘reduce energy and detergent consumption up to 50%’. The company says this is just a small part of their endeavors to make laundry more sustainable in the future.

One such an example, Xeros is bringing forward the very first collaborative laundry project, which tries to unite the laundry industry in their mission to create a more sustainable laundry industry. “The universal availability of fresh water and carbon emissions are critical issues for our planet and we know we can’t address these issues alone,” said Scott Wicker, Vice President Global Brand Management at Xeros. The severity of the recent drought in California stands out among the many environmental issues the world is facing today, and not only does the implementation of the technology reduce the consumption of resources, it also provides higher customer satisfaction.