Young Designers Help Hospitality Linen Provider Open Up To Consumer Market

Tradelinens – a global supplier of luxury linen to the hospitality sector – is seeking designers to be part of its new limited edition programme for the consumer market. In cooperation with the consumer division of the company, the designers chosen will work on a new, limited run of five-star bed linen or table linen. The products will be produced in Italy and available for consumers through online ordering.

The company’s news limited edition initiative will enable two designers a year to create one-off ranges. Emma Hooton – an interior designer specialising in residential and boutique hotel projects and a long-standing partner said that the global recession sparked by the pandemic is making it increasingly difficult for young people to launch creative careers.  In this context, it is remarkable that designers are given the help they need to launch their careers.

The limited edition range may lead to a new direction for both the brand and the designers.