ZIPS Dry Cleaners US expand by 10-store deal

The ZIP Dry Cleaners franchise organisation reports to have signed an agreement for the development of 10 stores throughout the Cincinnati metro area over the next eight years.

Josh Pinkey, a retired Army Airborne Ranger, who served three tours in Iraq, and will own and operate the ten stores with partner Andrew DeVoe, under the company name DeVoe & Pinkey Enterprises, LLC. Pinkey states to have no background in dry cleaning. The veteran explains: “My wife and I were looking for an opportunity to run our own business and have interactions with people and provide jobs.” He started talking with ZIPS. Although he thought of himself as retired he also “thought there is more to life.” Pinkey went through ZIPS own 6-week dry-cleaning training course  and looks forward to running his own business, giving back to the community by “helping people, and providing jobs for veterans, single moms, and others.

ZIPS CEO Drew Ritger states:  “It’s an exciting time as we continue to expand our brand into new markets all across the country and – in today’s increasingly “green-conscious” society – by leading the way in the search for new environmentally friendly practices, such as its use of biodegradable plastic bags and hanger recycling program.”