A literary start of 2017; The World of PTC Book Series

January offer:  start the year with knowledge on new business models. Volume V of The World of PTC Book series.

The latest publication in the series: Volume V: ‘New Business Models & Showcases’ demonstrates today’s and future market perspectives in PTC. Including 100 successful showcases of companies in the textile cleaning industry worldwide, and the winners of the Global Best Practices Awards 2016. As a New Year’s offer this publication is now available for €95 (ex VAT).

Can’t get enough? Contact CINET receive all 5 volumes for only €475 (ex VAT).

Volume IV ‘Innovations & New Services’ the aim is to serve the PTC industry with information to anticipate on a rapidly changing society. Volume 4 continues where the third volume left of. Not only innovations inside the textile care company can enhance the market share of the industry, but also anticipating on the changing society and the opportunities for new service concepts.

Volume III ‘Innovations & New Technologies’ gives an overview of multiple innovations and new technologies. Not only recent, but also future developments are covered. Several experts in the field of PTC contributed to this book.

Volume II: ‘Market Characteristics & Trends’ is written with the aim of sharing information and creating opportunities in emerging and mature markets with new business cases towards a bright future in professional textile care industry. This book concerns the PTC markets worldwide.

Volume I: ‘Safe & Sustainable Processing in PTC’ describes the working methods in textile cleaning and textile service. It provides an extensive description of the International Standard Best Practices in Safe & Sustainable PTC processing.