All the roads lead to…Frankfurt. The GBPA2020 National Pre-selection events

Following the successful pre-selection chapters that took place so far, The French Best Practices Awards, The Indonesian and SEA Awards , The ROAD TO FRANKFURT in CINET’s GBPA2020 Program is advancing with more National/regional pre-selections chapters that are scheduled in 2019 and the first half of 2020. Destination? the GBPA2020 Final during Texcare International Frankfurt, Germany (June, 20th, 2020).

The next events will be organized in cooperation with show organisations and national Professional Textile Care associations:

  • Brazilian Best Practices Awards, 27-29 August 2019, LAVTECH (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
  • Dutch Best Practices Awards, 13-14 September 2019, LEE 19 (Laundry Experience Event, Antwerp, BE)
  • Canadian Best Practices Awards, 5-6 October 2019, CANADIAN FABRICARE ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Russian Best Practices Awards, 29 October 2019 (Preliminary date), TEXCARE FORUM
    More events to come

Are you a retail textile cleaner? Or do you represent an industrial laundry? Does your company meet the best practices criteria? Showcase it among the best PTC companies worldwide by joining the GBPA2020. What’s in it for you?

  • Free Publicity for all the participants in the World of PTC (Book 7)
  • Personal exchange with likewise companies around the world for new ideas to new market area’s and business models.
  • The (World) PTC stage is yours! The chance (for the 40 selected finalists) to deliver a presentation in front of the International Jury and the international audience in Frankfurt, Germany on June, 20th, 2020 (during Texcare International 2020).
  • Massive PR which you can use in order to increase the turnover
Massive PR exposure globally for the Global Best Practices Awards 2018 participating companies

The application process doesn’t require any fee and there are 2 ways in which you can apply:

  1. Directly, via CINET Secretariat
  2. Via The National Pre-selection

Applying via CINET Secretariat.

Fill-in the reply form for the GBPAP18 competition which corresponds to your company’s profile: the reply form for the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) companies (download here!) or the reply form for the Industrial Textile Services companies (download here!). Once filled-in, the form will have to be submitted to CINET Secretariat ( until the 1st of March, 2020.

Applying via The National Pre-selections.

Is there any Pre-selection event in your country/region? Keep an eye on the E-news section of the CINET website, get the form, fill it in and join the National Pre-selection in your country! The winners of the National Awards will be automatically nominated for the GBPAP2020 Final in Frankfurt and invited to come over to pitch their company!

Note: All the nominees from National Preselections are automatically submitted for the Global Awards Program, entering in the first selection of the International GBPA2020 Jury.

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