Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry (UAE) acquired the CERCLEAN® International Certification ISO:9001 EN 14065

CINET’s CERCLEAN® International Certification Program expands its global presence with a major project in Middle East. Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry LLC from Abu Dhabi (UAE) acquired the CERCLEAN® certificate and demonstrated that its quality management system, focused on the areas of Service and Food, meets international best practices and standards.

Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry LLC is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 2014. The company mainly focuses on the industrial, hospitality and health care sector (hospitals). The main products are garment and linen. It is the largest commercial laundry in Abu Dhabi, the largest healthcare laundry service provider in the country and one of the most technical advanced laundry facility in the Middle East. By offering integrated and economical textile and laundry solutions and by being open to innovations, they are able to meet and fulfill the wishes of their customers to the highest international standards in a changing world.

Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry LLC’s facility in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

CERCLEAN® supports business models!

To make quality management easier accessible for the Professional Textile Care industry, CINET developed a dedicated step by step e-learning program at low costs, for both textile service (CERCLEAN® TS) companies and Retail Textile Cleaning (dry cleaners) ones – CERCLEAN® TC.

The step by step approach enables companies to follow the program at their own pace. CINET offers full support to enterprises in cooperation with national organisations, associations and representatives of international suppliers.

CERCLEAN® step by step towards quality management! 

The CERCLEAN® International Certificate, launched in 2016, is developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with international suppliers and experts and. Meanwhile adopted in countries worldwide. The full package, available in the various languages, offers training and consultancy; E-Learning materials, workshops and practical (on the job) training with examples and formats.

By the use of a web based application on the CINET website, students are guided along the different steps leading to certification. Tools and all steps are fully explained and documented and thus accessible even though companies may not have any experience with certification. By making use of the E-Learning tool,and webinars on specific subjects the companies will gain the knowledge needed to develop a comprehensive quality management system. This step by step approach enables companies to follow the program at their own pace.

Cerclean® certificate icing on the cake

The program results in a documented handbook tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in various market segments in which they operate. After audits by certified auditors and approval by the CINET International Certification committee,  a Cerclean® certificate will be granted proving conformity and giving support to the communication of a company with target groups. For customers and authorities it is a proof of controlled business processes and therefore a consistent quality level of products and/or services.

More info about The CERCLEAN® International Certification – here!