Best Practices in Russia laundries

Best Practices in Russia laundries & drycleaning shops

The Russian Laundry & Drycleaning Association organized its 2017 annual meeting on October the 18th in the Arthurs Wellness & Spa Resort, just outside Moscow, supported by Procter & Gamble and Messe Frankfurt Russia. It has resulted in a lively event with a lot of emphasize on Best Practices and current business practices.


Leonid Bertsev, President of the Russian Association opened the event and explained the program and the support of several suppliers and colleague associations, amongst them CINET. Market trends in Russia are economicwise not very favorable. Recently the Russian authorities focus more on safe and sustainable processing conditions in the PTC industry. Several speakers addressed issues and topics in this perspective to discuss solutions for improved sustainability, quality of services and improved profits.


The Best Solution

Mr. Sergei Kharin Of Procter & Gamble Professional emphasized on more education & training to improve expertise and knowledge in the companies and address efficiency in the laundries more adequately. CINET President Peter Wennekes explained the start of the Best Practices Concept, adopted by CINET 6 years ago, and demonstrated its success in several countries. Applying Best practices means a 3 to 5 times more sustainable performance in professional textile cleaning compared to domestic cleaning. That is the message which the industry can communicate to customers, governments and other stakeholders. Additionally he highlighted the Solvetex 6 study and the CERCLEAN r step by step International Certification Training Program.


Russia GBPAP 18 Nominations

L. Bertsev, President of the Russian Association with P. Wennekes,  CINET President

The organisation of the Global Best Practices Awards Ceremony at EXPO DETERGO 2018 october 19th in Milan will showcase successful companies who have adopted new business models, sustainable solutions and new technologies to service their customer base better. Among them there certainly several Russia nominations are expected. It would be even possible that the Russia association decides to organise a Russia Pre-Selection event in April 2018. The final decision is expected before the end of this year.