Cooperation between CINET and NRV – Norway

The World of PTC (WoPTC) Business School finds its way to Norway. In line with the policy of the Business School, a cooperation agreement has been signed with NRV. This will make the contents of the business school available to the Norwegian market.

As part of the cooperation agreement NRV, the Norwegian association for textile cleaning, will include the Business School materials into their services, taking into account the Norwegian legislation and other country specific rules and regulations. Tailoring the WoPTC Business School to the Norwegian market.

More about the World of PTC Business School
CINET started an academy for textile care professionals. This academy will be operational worldwide, providing easy accessible information to businesses in the Professional Textile Care industry. The World of PTC Business School is a start-up, offering e-learning, workshops, on-the-job training and company CERCLEAN® certification on a global scale, supporting the business challenges of the modern PTC industry.

Sharing knowledge
Over many years laundry and textile cleaning companies have gathered information, experiences and practices, continuously improving the PTC business. PTC has evolved in technology, in marketing and best practice working methodologies. Easy accessible through online media and practical on the spot training by experienced PTC experts. That’s the main driver to initiate the World of PTC Business School. CINET is merely facilitating: the content is coming from the PTC industry itself. Joint projects with suppliers, associations and research institutes leads to new knowledge. The World of PTC Business School incorporates this new knowledge into both standardised and tailor made packages, online and offline, accessible through one academy/platform.

More information
Please visit for more information, or contact the CINET secretariat.