Data2Move Laundry

Data2Move Laundry: a big data project for the textile care industry

Big data analysis and management is critical nowadays for any industrial sector. CINET, with support from the Technological Knowledge Center for Textile Care (TKT), is exploring Big Data innovative ideas and research for the textile care industry by developing the Data2Move Laundry project.

CINET and TKT are taking part in a new, large Big-data consortium together with Eindhoven University of Technology, companies from other sectors, big data experts and a large number of students to develop techniques and models that enable better predictions. By doing so, PTC companies can improve the efficiency in transport and stock management. They can also provide added value to the customer.

Research by the Chamber of Commerce and the Hieronymus Academy of Data Science shows that entrepreneurs still make little use of (big) data. Only 10 percent of SMEs consist of ‘front runners’ in big data while 44% indicate opportunities. Thus, the Data2Move Laundry project aims at facilitating companies in the sector to implement innovative ideas concerning Big Data.


Data2Move Laundry in the spotlight during the NST 2017

On Thursday, November 16, the DutchNational Symposium on Textile Management kicked off with the main theme “Data2Move; Laundry “. During the Symposium, the consortium presented the most interesting and promising ideas and plans developed during workshop sessions. Tom van Woensel, professor at TU Eindhoven presented the Data2Move Laundry project vision and examples in other branches.

The aim is to form in the following months working groups that will implement the existing ideas into action plans.