Digitization and Innovation, Main Topics at GBPAP2020

Building New Professional Textile Care Markets

Innovation & new technologies are being introduced and implemented in society every day. The pace of innovation – with platforms, blockchain, 3D printing, biotech, virtual & augmented reality, IoT (internet of things), Big data, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) to name a few – is mind blowing from time to time.


New technologies in PTC are often centred around cost as ‘cost leadership’ strategies are most common in the professional textile care industry. Improving profit margins and increasing market share (geographically) by increasing scale of operations and competing with other industrial laundries. With new markets however, the applied technology is focusing on the optimization of the customer journey (add customer value) to justify the price for outsourcing


Business Models

The perfect business model for the new, laundry on demand services, applies technology to get to the lowest operational cost, so the price point can be lowered, enabling a larger potential market. As stated by one of the founders of Washa from Denmark (one of the speakers from the Laundry Experience Event in Belgium, September 2019): ‘this race will be won by the player that manages to offer the cheapest service while maintaining a scalable model that generates profit.’ As a ballpoint figure a price of 1 euro per kilo laundry (wash & fold) was envisioned as future target to massively enable new market development. This is the so-called dot on the horizon the industry should focus on.

So how can technology and digitization support the process of outsourcing more laundry to professional textile care providers? In a nutshell it will require simplicity & automation. By definition these two aspects have some level of contradiction. Highly automated industrial laundry plants apply quite complex technology which results in less simplicity. Finding the most optimum balance is the challenge the new laundry players are currently working on.


Keynote speaker Nov. 5th at GBPAP2020 (15.00-18:00 hrs): Ken van Ierlant, former CIO at Essent and Advisor at PWC International Accounting and Consultancy Group

Mr. van Ierlant is a seasoned and experienced Digital Strategy Director/ CDO/ CIO/IT Strategist & Program manager with 35 years of practical experience in Business Transformations & Turn Around programs with a strong digital component as a CIO/CDO/CEO or senior IT executive. His lectures are mainly focused on the theme of the exchange between Digital transformation & IT transitions with new economics and architectures


GBPAP2020: The Very Best Showcases

Virtual Streaming from Amsterdam (NL) Nov 4-5

For CINET, 2019 and 2020 were marked by an amazing global quest for selecting and bringing together the very best showcases from all over the world. Assisted and supported by a growing number of sponsors and members, over 125 applications from some 40 COUNTRIES were received. Untill COVID 19 Corona came 5 Pre-selections were already organised and the winners automaticly qualified for the final presentation. Some 6 pre-selections needed to be cancelled or were organised virtually.

In spite of the fact that due to Corona, the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES 2020 could not be organised from Texcare International in Frankfurt, CINET is extremely pleased to organise this eventvirtually from AMSTERDAM NL, in collaboration with the INTERCLEAN Streaming event.




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