Dubai hosts Middle East Best Practices Workshop (December, 8th, 2019)

CINET will organize, together with Champion Cleaners, The Middle East Best Practices Workshop. The event will take place in Dubai (UAE), on December, 8th, 2019.

Among the event’s highlights, a training session will by performed by a CINET expert on Professional Textile Care quality management and setting standardized operating procedures in the laundry:

    • Company profile & PMC (Product-Market-Combination)
    • Key KPI’s for best practices
    • Laundry process control
    • Sales & customer services
    • Purchase management
    • Technique & maintenance
    • Transport
    • Staff
    • Administration
    • Quality
    • Environment

The participants will also have the chance to see examples of great laundries that have been certified by CINET (among them, Champion Cleaners and other outstanding showcases from Middle East). A tour around the Champion Cleaners facility to see real examples of the certification will also be a part of the program.

More on the event and how to join it, on the Middle East Best Practices Workshop’s event page – here!