First YEP session will take place 31 Oct – 1 Nov in The Netherlands

Next week CINET will host the first session of the YEP (Young Executives in Professional Textile Care) program on Thursday and Friday at the secretariat in The Netherlands. The goal of the YEP program to exchange know-how and practical experience amongst young promising entrepreneurs aiming to develop new business cases in one of the defined new market areas.

As many markets are maturing (especially in Europe & North America) there is a need to reshape the business model of professional textile care and find new growth areas. CINET designed an international YEP program to inspire participants and sharpen their entrepreneurial views together with selected and like-minded young international colleagues. For the first session there is participation from 6 countries including France, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada and Aruba.

Together with Tom Krabbe from Lukkien (top marketing agency from The Netherlands) and Geert Böttger (most experienced in all sorts of professional textile care projects) CINET has set up this first program offering participants the following benefits:

  • Lead your business to NEW markets in PTC
  • Personal growth through PTC master classes
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs from abroad
  • Profile your business internationally as innovator

If you’d be interested to join the program in the future you are in luck, two more sessions are coming up on February (Italy) and April (UK). Please send your resume to to start the application process.