Free Management Training Course (Industrial Textile Services), on November 5th

In the second GBPAP2020 day (November 5th), Mr. Geert Böttger (Senior Professional Textile Care expert) will present a Management Training Course for Industrial Textile Services in an online streaming session from 09:00 AM CET to 10:00 AM CET.

Free Management Training Course – Industrial Textile Services –

by Mr. Geert Böttger,

Live Streaming, on Nov 5th, 09:00 AM CET

Industrial Textile Services companies all over the world aim to deliver services and products that meet the (B2B) customer requirements. Depending on their area of operation, the ITS companies’ mission became more difficult since the beginning of Corona pandemic. The course aims to point out the necessary skills to be strengthened in developing successful new services and business in Industrial Textile Services. How should Textile Services companies organize themselves to be able to deliver new opportunities.

Mr. Geert Böttger, Senior Professional Textile Care Expert


If your company operates in the Industrial Textile Services segment and you  are interested in generating new business and getting new customers during and after Corona, this course is for you!

The participation at the online Management Training is FREE OF CHARGE. In order to participate, you have to fill-in the form for Registration at the Global Best Practices Awards and select the sessions you would like to attend. You will then receive a link with the code you need in order to join the Event. Looking forward to welcome you at the GBPAP2020 Event!


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