And the French Best Practice Awards winners are…

The French preselection for the big final of the Global Best Practice Awards took place last Saturday, at Paris Expo, during JET EXPO. Organized by CINET, JET EXPO and Entretien Textile, the whole event was one full of enthusiasm, emotion and happiness, completing a successful first phase of the global competition that will end at Expo Detergo Milano (19-22 October) next year.

The selection process

The Jury Committee faced a difficult task, due to the big number of excellent profiles from PTC companies all over France, that cover in the best manner the fields of Innovation, Corporate social responsibility and Sustainability. A special prize of Best Practice from CINET was created to award the companies with an outstanding overall performance in all the 3 above mentioned categories. There were 3 categories of competitors in total, “Commerces de proximité”, “Industries et services” and “Fournisseurs”.

Members of the Jury analyzing the applications

The trophies

Cedric Dekeyser (in the center) from C2K Pressing, receiving Grand prix des meilleures pratiques (Commerces de proximité)” from Peter Wennekes (L) and Antonius Streichenberger (R)
BIH 77, the winners of “Grand prix des meilleures pratiques (Industries et Services)”

The ceremony was hosted by Peter Wennekes (President & CEO of CINET) and Antonius Streichenberger (Commissaire General JET EXPO­) with a vast attendance consisting of nominees, executives in the PTC industry, journalists and visitors.






The winners were the following:

Commerces de proximité

  •  Prix de l’ innovation: PALASSE PRESSING
  • Prix du développement durable: C2K PRESSING
  • Prix de la responsabilité sociétale: C2K PRESSING
  • Grand prix des meilleures pratiques: C2K PRESSING

Industries et services

  • Prix de l’ innovation: PÔLE SANTÉ SARTHE ET LOIR
  • Prix du développement durable: BIH 77
  • Prix de la responsabilité sociétale: BIH 77
  • Grand prix des meilleures pratiques: BIH 77


  • Prix de l’ innovation: INFORUM
  • Prix du développement durable: IDEAL MANUFACTURING
  • Prix de la responsabilité sociétale: KREUSSLER
  • Grand prix des meilleures pratiques: INFORUM



At the end of the ceremony, Peter Wennekes made the official announcement regarding the direct qualification of BIH 77 and C2K Pressing in the Global Best Practice Awards Final in Milan, in October, next year. One of the French Best Practice Awards’ big winners, Cedric Dekeyser from C2K Pressing declared the following: “The C2K’s team is now highly motivated for Milan. These awards enhanced our wish to continue to challenge ourselves and to continually improve our way to work.”

The road to Milan

The competition is still open for all the other regions of the world. Already 150 candidates from 22 countries from all continents sent their registration forms to CINET.

The potential candidates can download the registration form here: