GBPAP2020: New Ways of Thinking and New Perspectives on Sustainability

It’s time to join the Sustainability movement! Be virtually present at the GBPAP2020 online event (Nov 4-5), where Sustainability will be one of the key topics and join the Sustainability Manifesto!

PTC = The Ultimate Sustainability

Outsource the Laundry! Currently, about 5% of all laundry is washed by Professional Textile Cleaners (PTC). This means that in mature countries 95% is still washed at home in the normal washing machine. In a recent study, it was shown that a professional washing process uses significantly less energy and the outsourcing of washing leads to a high savings in terms of drinking water (35% to 80%) as, well as major reduction in CO2 emissions (more than 24%), compared to domestic washing.

The savings in water consumption are much-greater Research research shows that when outsourcing, in an average wash cycle a saving of more than 15 liters (more than 35%) of water can be achieved.  This water saving is realized by the use of advanced technology for reusing water. With the use of the most modern technology, water consumption can be reduced to just 2 liters per kg of textile, even a water saving of more than 80% is possible in the near future. In order to illustrate it, an average Dutch person could save nearly 3500 liters of water annually by outsourcing the home laundry.

Join GBPAP2020 and see how successful operations from all over the world use SUSTAINABILITY & CIRCULARITY for generating new business and getting new customers during and after Corona.


A circular textile chain blueprint for the future

The textile industry has a value chain that spans the globe, which is making the industry a complex market with many actors and many challenges. The use of large quantities of water, chemicals and energy, the enormous waste the industry generates, pollution, the well-known poor labour conditions combined with an increase global fiber demand: it is clear that rigorous and systematic changes need to be made to the textile industry. People active in the international field of sustainability often say that “Textiles will be the new plastic” referring to the level of recognition that plastic issues have obtained at consumer level and the support for local and global actions by public and private partners. A circular textile value chain is a blueprint to the future, because circular business models contribute to the various challenges within the industry. But the transition to the circular economy requires systemic change and asks for collaboration, above all in the textile value chain that is so spread out over the world.

A new business model arises: the rental of clothing. In the fashion industry, it is still on a small scale, but in the workwear and hospitality sector it is in a much more developed phase.

Governments can set the ambition, boundary conditions and nurture experimentation or give the example by circular procurement. Researchers and knowledge institutes will develop new insights and tools, validate ideas and boost awareness. Global brands and retailers, especially after COVID-19, need to realise that this is about resilience and their future markets.


“Sustainability is not just a cool word. It’s a movement.” (Peter Wennekes, CINET’s President & CEO). Click here (link) for the Sustainability Manifesto text.

GBPAP2020: The Very Best Showcases. Virtual Streaming from Amsterdam (NL) Nov 4-5

For CINET, 2019 and 2020 were marked by an amazing global quest for selecting and bringing together the very best showcases from all over the world. Assisted and supported by a growing number of sponsors and members, over 125 applications from some 40 COUNTRIES were received. Untill COVID 19 Corona came 5 Pre-selections were already organised and the winners automaticly qualified for the final presentation. Some 6 pre-selections needed to be cancelled or were organised virtually.

In spite of the fact that due to Corona, the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES 2020 could not be organised from Texcare International in Frankfurt, CINET is extremely pleased to organise this eventvirtually from AMSTERDAM NL, in collaboration with the INTERCLEAN Streaming event.





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