JET EXPO: 3 days of meetings to broaden your horizons

JET EXPO is the first exhibition in France entirely devoted to the entire chain of textile care. A meeting place for suppliers and industry experts and where the industry’s latest innovations will be shared.
During a three day program several meetings and conferences are scheduled where experts of the textile care industry, and professional clothing will be reviewing several topics:
  • How can we increase performance and improve results?
  • What will be the new jobs and the new markets of tomorrow?
  • What is happening elsewhere and how do they do?

The Innovation Trophies reward the best innovations of the exhibitors. This year, the competition opens to innovations from weave professionals and professional clothing manufacturers. Also BtoB meetings are set up between exhibitors and buyers to establish new national and international markets.

In partnership with CINET, Jet Expo organizes the National Best Practices Awards. There will be categories for environmental, societal and social matters. Winners are invited to compete for the Global Best Practice Awards that will be held at Expo Detergo (Milan, 2018).