Join CINET LIVE! Digitization & Innovation: The Best Service, Lowest Cost! (July 7th)

CINET is amplifying the initiatives in creating international open-platforms for sharing knowledge and experience during the coronavirus crisis. Supported by numerous reputed experts in the Professional Textile Care industry, national associations, international suppliers and other organizations. CINET has a high focus on: SUSTAINABILITY, HYGIENE, DIGITIZATION & INNOVATION. This international session, held on July 7th from 15:00 will have combined focus on both RTC segment (Business-to-Consumers) and on the ITS  one (Business-to-Business). The participation is free of charge, upon registration at CINET Secretariat (info and registrations – here!)

International Program Innovation & Digitization (July 7 at 15:00 CET)

15.00 WELCOME & Introduction by moderator Mr. P.N.M. Wennekes (CEO of CINET)

15.10 The after Corona Economy Perspective by Mr. Geert Boettger

·         A global overview of economic performance of countries/markets

·         Experiences in retail textile cleaning / industrial textile services

·         Market perspective

15.20 The Corona influence on markets and consumer behavior in retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services, by Nicolae Damu (International & Marketing Communication at CINET)

·         Introduction

·         Changes and Challenges in Customer demand

·         Big Data

·         New services in PTC

·         New Markets and market development

15:30 Digitization and Sustainability, by Frank Aarts, Executive Director at CINET

·         We have asked professionals worldwide to give a live pitch on their experiences after Corona and vision for their need to invest in digitization and innovation, to generate new business models, new business opportunities and revenues.

·         Pitches will be presented by:

15:40: Mr. Fabricio Sucupira – LAVEMCASA (Brazil)

16:05: Mr. Ken Cupitt – Guild of Drycleaners & Launderers (UK Showcases)

15:45: Mr. Nithipont Thaiyanurak – BOX 24 (Thailand)

16:10: Mr. Leonid Bertsev – Russian Laundry Association (Russia Showcases)

15:50: Mr. Weitian Chan – PRESSTO (Singapore)

16:15: Mrs. Diana Vollmer – Ascend Consulting (USA Showcases)

15:55: Mr. Maurits Tiethof – DOBBI (NL)

16:20: Mr. Sidney Chelsky – CFA (Canada Showcases)

16:00: Mr. George Tsaknakis – CARPET CLEAN TSAKNAKIS (Greece)

16:25: Mr. Ken Cupitt – Guild of Drycleaners & Launderers (UK Showcases)

16.25 Innovations in new technologies; expert contributions

·         Introduction Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT)

·         International suppliers’ focus on digitization and innovation. (a.o.: ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL, LAUNDRY ROBOTICS – NL)

16.50 Questions


17.00 End of meeting