new laundry for the Emile Roux hospital

Brand new laundry for the Emile Roux hospital in Haute-Loire, France

French hospitals continue to invest heavily in the modernization of their laundry units. A new laundry for the Emile Roux hospital in Haute Loire, exemplary  in terms of sustainable development and hygiene, has been recently developed. The new laundry facility will handle the flat linen and work clothes of eighteen hospitals and medical-social facilities of Haute-Loire, including Emile Roux Hospital. and St. Mary’s Hospital. The facility will processes approximately 5,500 kg of laundry per day in two laundries. The first is in Emile Roux, specializing in the treatment of flat linen and the second in Sainte Marie. Overall, the total investment reached 7,7 million euros.

The new laundry is fully compliant with the stricter environmental regulations and operates according to the highest hygiene standards. Thanks to modern equipment and procedures the consumption of chemicals will be reduced by 75%. The goal is also to achieve significant energy savings. The water consumption is expected to fall by 75% and the electricity consumption by 50%.