Ready to Measure Your Sustainability Level With Ecotool?

Sustainability is now just a cool word. It is a movement and a philosophy for more and more PTC companies all over the world. These companies use ECOTOOL as the most accurate tool available for measuring the sustainability according to international best practices. By using ECOTOOL, you will know exactly what your laundry’s eco-footprint is through the complete supply chain based on: CO2 emission, primary energy content of a product, water consumption, consumption of chemicals, land use and mass balance.

With ECOTOOL’s features, the laundry managers will have a complete life cycle analysis (LCA) tool of textile products and you will be able to quantify the sustainability of the textile for its entire lifetime. This way, you will be able to benchmark your current operation with other type of textiles or machinery and with OPL / domestic laundry setups.

Sustainability seen as a process

Among the benefits provided by ECOTOOL is benchmark your operation with a number of processes (e.g. differences between laundry machinery) and a number of standard products like:

  • Workwear industry, general
  • Workwear food industry
  • Roller towel
  • Uniform health care
  • Bedsheet health care
  • Residential care garments, underwear
  • Residential care garments, shirt
  • Towel (100% cotton, 80/20 cotton / PET and with recycled cotton

Measure your Sustainability levels now!

Register for ECOTOOL – here! in the Level A e-learning module (Industrial Textile Services – ITS) of CINET’s World of PTC Business School. For more info, you can contact CINET Secretariat (


Central GBPAP2020 topic

Sustainability, Hygiene and Digitization will be the central subjects during the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020. The GBPAP2020 Event will be streamed LIVE ONLINE from Amsterdam (NL) on 4-5 November 2020, with participants from some 40 countries. More on the Awards, on the CINET Website – here