Road to Frankfurt. Meet the GBPA2020’s outstanding PTC showcases: KUNZ SAS (France)

The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 is advancing at a fast pace, towards the Final in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 22nd, 2020). For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that have joined GBPA2020.

KUNZ SAS. When tradition meets modernity

The KUNZ Pressing adventure began in 1925 when Charles KUNZ created his first dyeing workshop in Chêne-Bourg (near Geneva, Switzerland) before settling permanently in Gaillard (74). At this time, the dyes are made to measure, the stockings are remixed one by one and the chefs’ toques ironed. KUNZ used to dye all types of articles from the color of a shoe to the most modern outfits! An expertise of color that, today, still remains in the DNA of the brand. Know-how, quality and elegance were already the watchwords.

Today, the total Kunz Pressing network consists of 50 stores. The prospects for development are strong, in France and abroad. The Kunz SAS franchise network consists of 25 stores, as well.

Kunz means focus on quality and outstanding customer service

Kunz Pressing offers a traditional service with hand finishing while also offering innovative services to improve its customer experience such as:
– the loyalty card: use of the card possible on all the pressings of the brand.
– the e-ticket
– sending sms
– a simple and convenient customer-friendly application that is the customer’s point of entry to the Kunz Pressing brand and their services
– all non-productive operations (management of delivery notes, invoicing, reporting, customer complaint management, etc.) are centralized at head office to enable store employees to focus on production, customer relations in the store, and the quality of the service.

Continuous training for continuous development
“LISETTE Workshop” provides training in the pressing trades (adaptation to the workstation or development of skills). It is the keystone of the company’s performance system and its desire to grow teams by accompanying them in the development of their skills.
Each employee, when he/she joins the company, benefits from a tailored training plan, accompanied by a remuneration policy that includes 3 factors:
– fixed remuneration linked to the function;
– 3 types of bonuses for each store and each employee according to the results, in total transparency and measurable in each point of sale;
– an incentive plan based on the operating results of the company and each store.

A company of values
The Kunz company has developed the Kunz Foundation under the patronage of the Holy Foundation Marie, since 2016. A sponsorship agreement was signed and the company contributes to the 12 projects supported by the Foundation which is committed to revealing the talents of its employees by providing the necessary training. The company has also a strong, bold, but also sincere focus on marketing. The communication revolves around the “Swiss tradition, 1925”: a coherent way to find a uniform message for all the pressings. This voluntary approach is intended to reinforce the impact of the brand. Kunz Pressing’s goal is to set up and maintain effective communication of quality and in accordance with its positioning and its values and insisting on the duration. The driving force behind the pressing business, the communication strategy focuses on customer needs.

KUNZ SAS has won the Overall Best Practices Award (Grand prix des meilleures pratiques) at the The French Best Practices Awards 2019, that took place at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, during JET EXPO 2019 in Paris, France (May 19-21). The company  was invited at the GBPA2020 Final in Frankfurt.

Retail Textile Cleaning segment winners. Mr. Cedric Dekeyser (left, Atyom), Mr. Peter Wennekes (right, President & CEO of CINET), Mr. Michael Scherpe (President of Messe Frankfurt France), congratulating the winners (Kunz SAS, KTM and TYKAZ)


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