Road to Frankfurt. Meet the GBPA2020’s outstanding PTC showcases: Stomerij Van Hal (The Netherlands)

The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 is advancing at a fast pace, towards the Final in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 22nd, 2020). For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that have joined GBPA2020.

Van Hal Dry Cleaning: passion for curtains!

Theo van Hal started in 1960 as a door-to-door salesman for Dry Cleaning Polkamp, his wife Diny had a dry cleaning shop. In 1962 they extended the network for Polkamp. Diny ran a cold store next to their house, this store is still in operation. In 1978 Theo and Diny start their own business, under the name Theo van Hal Stomerij. His son Alex was happy to help from an early age, and eventually took over the company from his parents in 1993 and started a dry cleaning on an industrial estate. Over time, Van Hal Stomerij has grown into a company that serves home decorators, the private market (through 175 service points and stores) and 80 partners in business community. There are 24 people working at Van Hal Stomerij.

All types of clothing and home textiles are cleaned in their dry-cleaning laundry. Cleaning curtains is a passion for Van Hal and they are proud to say that “they don’t give a shrink”. Other types of home textiles are also no problem. Cushions, bedroom textiles, but also crib and buggy upholstery and backpacks are cleaned with great craftsmanship by Van Hal.

Don’t give a shrink. Cleaning curtains is a passion

In addition, the company also works for business. Both corporate image clothing from, for example, security companies, as well as company waxes – such as work trousers, polos, shirts and other textiles – that have to be treated virus-free according to strict hygiene standards are happily cleaned. In addition, there is a personal laundry department; Van Hal has extensive experience in this area, and is therefore fully in line with the new developments in the field of Laundry On Demand. There have also two seamstresses for all the adjustment work.

Van Hal provides customized solutions. The company is large enough to handle everything and to invest in the necessary  resources. But at the same time small enough to keep all lines short and to listen to the specific wishes of each customer. This is of particular importance for SMEs; they choose Van Hal because they are not a number here. With Van Hal, exceptions to the standard service are no problem at all.

Motivated people ensure an excellent finish

Marketing strategy
The company recently opted for a clear marketing strategy. The corporate identity is not just a logo, there is a message behind it. At Van Hal no green or blue logo, or a logo with a washing machine, because (potential) customers associate that with cool, business and transaction-oriented. Van Hal wants to stay far away from that; the service is personal, despite the scale. There are even more plans to carry that out.

Customer service
The drivers and also the customer service employees are first and foremost Van Hal’s ambassadors. The employees form a super motivated team, which feels flawlessly when it is important that Alex or Susanne personally visit or contact a customer. Despite the size of the company, personal approach is one of the most important features. Van Hal is originally a small family business that has grown into a large, regional dry cleaner, while still retaining its individuality. Quality, and personal commitment and attention to every individual item that comes in.

Van Hal continues to implement improvements and to review processes in all areas; that will never stop. Van Hal finds it interesting to see what is happening in the industry with, for example, various cleaning fluids. After some start-up problems, Van Hal can say that they are extremely happy with the investment in the Metalprogetti automatic sorting system. Sorting, buffering, packing and calling all 175 depots over 8 different routes is done with two carousels from Metalprogretti, supplied by Polymark and driven by the software from MyBusiness. They also look into the Lean principles in order to be able to apply further improvements in all processes, including by eliminating waste in everything they do.

Susanne van Hal is very happy with the automatic sorting system

Corporate Social Responsibility
With each important business decision, consideration is given to the impact of that choice. Can routes be merged or split? Because that perhaps would be much more sustainable. Can logistic partnerships be entered into to save kilometres and emissions? Awareness has also been created within the company; with efficient use of gas and electricity as a result. All lighting was replaced by LED lighting years ago. Energy consumption, which can easily reach 90,000 kW per year, can be easily reduced with relatively simple measures; the solar panels have already been ordered. In addition, they have at least one or two workplaces available for people who have for, several reasons, difficulty finding a job.

Social media
The importance of social media is recognized,  for Van it is a way to make the customer aware. “The customer really has no idea about what we already know and think is normal! Because we won the Sustainability Award at the Laundry Experience Event, the conversation about sustainability within our company and in our industry is now starting in our own environment.

Consumers simply do not know that professional washing is so much more sustainable than washing at home. Even our employees don’t realize that (yet). And there is a big task for us. Inform that customer! Make them aware that we – and with them – can contribute to reducing the plastic soup in the oceans. We can really make a difference. There is work to be done! ”

Van Hal sees so many opportunities for textile cleaners, one can be specialized in so many different directions. Van Hal would really like to create a high care department, but certainly also sees opportunities in Laundry On Demand. They would like to have an ozonation room and there are opportunities in cleaning sneakers as well. But within the market that the company currently serves, there are plenty of opportunities to expand.



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