Road to Frankfurt. Meet the GBPA2020’s outstanding PTC showcases: Vivaglo (Indonesia)

The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 is advancing at a fast pace, towards the Final in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 22nd, 2020). For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that have joined GBPA2020.

Vivaglo (Indonesia). Redefining dry cleaning

When opening the Vivaglo Indonesia website, the  company’s mission statement is one of the first things that grab the attention: “Our mission is to educate customers about the dangers of toxic chemicals which are being widely used in dry cleaning in Indonesia and some which are banned in other countries. We’d like to redefine your perception about dry cleaning.” How is Vivaglo doing this? By providing a high-quality dry cleaning and laundry service that avoids the use of  perchloroethylene, which is traditionally used in the industry.

In their quest for a professional dry cleaning process that was non-toxic to both the human body and the natural environment, Vivaglo  took to the European dry cleaning and cleaning market to find out about the most advanced technologies, machinery, and processes. This eventually led the company to source leading German technology which can deliver the desired professional dry cleaning results without compromising on what they stand for.

This way, step by step, Vivaglo is looking to redefine dry cleaning in Indonesia. More than an occupation, dry cleaning is a passion for Vivaglo Indonesia’s founders. Quality, a personal service, and an absolute and constant commitment to reducing their company’s negative effects on its environment to a minimum are the company’s core values. As a result, Vivaglo is nowadays offering it’s highquality services in three locations spread over Jakarta.

Quality and sustainability, hand in hand

From the very first day, Vivaglo has understood that in order to grow, they would have to offer services of a quality that stood out without pricing themselves out of the market. As the company grew, the need for quality control grew as well, which led to the creation of a detailed 8-step process through which each piece of clothing has to pass. Each item is individually tagged and marked before its material is inspected by an expert. After that, pre-spotting takes place and the item enters the washing process. After the post-spotting has been done, the cleaning of the item is finished by hand. It’s then passed on for a final quality control before it’s packaged and returned to the client.

Besides using ecologically responsible solvents, Vivaglo also makes use of double filtration and a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System to ensure the cleanest water possible. With a hardness and TDS value well below 40, the water used by the company is softer than that of normal drinking water from a bottle.

In terms of machinery, Vivaglo uses multi-solvent drycleaning machines and efficient solvent. This way, the dry cleaning at Vivaglo doesn’t require the use of perchloroethylene, while the machine also has a built-in and fully automatic maintenance program. This helps the operator to keep the machine running at maximum efficiency. For wet cleaning and laundry tasks, the company makes use of fully programmable machines. In combination with solvents, this results in a cleaning process with low water and energy consumption. For the finishing equipment, such as irons and presses, Vivaglo uses Italian products.

The company’s investments in premium machinery and green solvents have lead to a very  environmental-friendly operation over all. Less waste is produced by Vivaglo’s processes, the use of water and energy is monitored and kept to a minimum, and high-extraction washing considerably shorten drying cycles. On top of that, a professional waste management company takes care of solvent discharge and other waste.

Brand exposure to get the message out there

In order to keep growing its brand, Vivaglo Indonesia is very active both online and offline. Their accounts on social networks such as Instagram provide an important and easy way of interaction with existing and potential customers. To encourage the traffic on their accounts, the firm regularly runs ads through Instagram Ads and Google Adwords. On their own website,, plenty of information is available about the company and the services it offers. Besides that, Vivaglo Indonesia runs an informative blog and their mailing list is an efficient way of keeping their clients up-to-date with important developments.

In addition to this, Vivaglo is planning to get in touch with certain local influencers and media outlets to further grow their brand recognition. The company also engages frequently in cross promotional activities with other companies and organisations, such as second-hand rental gowns, dressmakers, and tailor shops.

By interacting with so many parties and engaging so many others to join their marketing efforts, Vivaglo can also spread its message regarding the dangers of using toxic chemicals and the importance of acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Vivaglo is an active visitor of relevant industry seminars and exhibitions in order to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. This knowledge will inevitably trickle down to their partners as well, which is positive for the industry, the people, and the environment. This way, Vivaglo plays an active role in local communities and leads the way towards a greener future for everyone involved.


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