Sustainability Manifesto: Join the PTC Industry’s Global Initiative

The Sustainability Manifesto is an initiative of the PTC Industry, taking responsibility towards a sustainable & circular future. The Manifesto will be signed by textile and fashion industry companies, experts, PTC suppliers, Governmental institutions, industry experts, NGO’s, individual companies, etc.

During The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 Event CINET presents the International Manifesto for the Professional Textile Care Industry to stimulate a perspective of a Sustainable and Circular Future. The promises that we aim to fulfill for our customers by joining this Manifesto are the following:

  • Craftsmanship. Protect the world, protect the garments, craftsmanship in every step of the way, make a statement, for fashion and for the world.
  • Enjoyment. Allow yourself to enjoy convenience by acting now.
  • Selfcare. PTC is about selfcare and rewarding yourself. By being groomed well
  • Contribution. Belong to a bigger common goal, be an ambassador for a better future! See instant tangible results on water savings,  CO2 reduction and lesser microplastics in the ocean through PTC
  • Joint Initiatives. We underline, appreciate and support initiatives towards a circular textile economy and welcome activities within the supply chain to enhance sustainability and wellbeing of humans around the globe.
“Sustainability is not just a cool word. It’s a movement.” (Peter Wennekes, CINET’s President & CEO)

Click here (link) for the Sustainability Manifesto text.

GBPAP2020: The Very Best Showcases

For CINET, 2019 and 2020 were marked by an amazing global quest for selecting and bringing together the very best showcases from all over the world. Assisted and supported by a growing number of sponsors and members, over 125 applications from some 40 COUNTRIES were received. Untill COVID 19 Corona came 5 Pre-selections were already organised and the winners automaticly qualified for the final presentation. Some 6 pre-selections needed to be cancelled or were organised virtually.

In spite of the fact that due to Corona, the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES 2020 could not be organised from Texcare International in Frankfurt, CINET is extremely pleased to organise this eventvirtually from AMSTERDAM NL, in collaboration with the INTERCLEAN Streaming event.




Fill-in your registration details below, select the sections you want to attend and you will receive (by the end of October next) the access link for the GBPAP2020 online streaming!



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