The most outstanding Indian PTC companies are ready for the Indian Best Practices Awards (Mumbai, Feb 15-16, 2020)

Excellent Indian showcases in Retail Textile Cleaning, Franchise and Industrial Textile Services, with a high focus on best practices have already submitted their registration forms (for free) in the Indian Best Practices Awards 2020.

When the Laundrex 2020 show finishes on the 15th of February 2020, the first AGM (General Assembly) of DLAI will take place including the India Best Practices Awards 2020: “GO FRANKFURT”! Laundries apply free of charge and winners receive tickets for the Finals: Global Best Practice Awards in Frankfurt. This will be followed by the 1st Annual Convention of DLAI organized on 16 February. This program will be organized by DLAI and CINET in close cooperation as strategic partners.

In this prestigious Indian award program for professional laundry & dry cleaning companies DLAI & CINET will reward the most outstanding company cases with a full commitment on best practices in professional textile care. This award program is part of the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, organized at Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany where GBPA 2020 Finals will take place (June 19-20). DLAI & CINET have invited the best Indian Professional Textile Care companies to participate from the following categories: 1) Retail Textile Cleaning, 2) Franchise companies and 3) Industrial Textile Services. 

CINET-DLAI Partnership

CINET and The Drycleaners & Launderers Association of India (DLAI) have a Strategic Partnership Agreement, aiming to set-up a long term cooperation. For the years to come, the common CINET-DLAI activities will be extended and intensified to set up a solid infrastructure and professional secretariat to set up a network in India to stimulate innovation and implementation of new technologies and international expertise. With 1000 members already, DLAI is the Indian association formed to represent the interests of the all retail, commercial, institutional laundry and dry-cleaning companies within the country. DLAI is the unified voice of all Dry Cleaners & Launderers in India. The Indian Best Practices Awards are one of the elements of the cooperation.

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