Join GBPA2020 and be next PTC global star! Here’s what the Overall Winner in 2018 say

Are you a retail textile cleaner? Or a retail franchise company? Or an industrial laundry? Does your company meet the best practices criteria? Showcase it among the best PTC companies worldwide. The application process doesn’t require any fee! Your benefits of an official NOMINATION are:

  1. Free Publicity for all the participants in the World of PTC (online Book 7)
  2. The (World) PTC stage is yours! The chance (for the 50 selected finalists) to deliver a presentation in front of the International Jury and the international audience in Frankfurt, Germany on June, 20th, 2020 (during Texcare International 2020)
  3. Massive PR which you can use in order to increase the turnover.

What did GBPA18 Overall Best Practices winner say

Mrs. Julie Lijun from Beijng Fornet Laundry Service, China (Overall Winner Global Best Practises Awards RTC 2018 and Fornet Nantong Factory & Ycloset Ltd. (Overall Winner Global Best Practices Awards ITS 2018): We were so surprised and honoured to have these two great awards by Cinet in Milano. It was such a wonderful chance to learn from the other companies with the best practices in the industry all over the world. Thank Cinet for what they have done for the development of the industry. We have been learning a lot from CINET.”

The Overall RTC Trophy to Beijing Fornet (China) at CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards 2018 Final in Milan, Italy (Oct, 19th, 2018)


The only thing you have to do is fill-in the reply form for the GBPA2020 competition which corresponds to your company’s profile:

  • the reply form for the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) companies and Franchise companies (download here!)


  • the reply form for the Industrial Textile Services companies (download here!).

Once filled-in, the form will have to be submitted to CINET Secretariat ( until the 1st of March, 2020.

More about The Global Best Practices Awards, on GBPA2020 Brochure – download it here! 

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