The most outstanding Russian PTC companies, awarded at The National Best Practices Awards in Moscow

The Russian National Best Practices Awards took place in the training center of Diana in Moscow on April 17th. The event was organized by The Russian Laundry & Drycleaning Association and CINET, as part of the pre-selections chapters in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018.

The event was attended by a lot of visitors from different parts of Russia. There where 3 categories (Textile Service Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaning Shops and Franchise Dry Cleaners). The high commitment to best practices was reflected by the fact that among the winners were  companies from four other towns, besides Moscow. Here is the complete list of the winners:

Textile Service Industrial Laundry category

Overall Best Practices: ARTEX SERVICE, Zheleznovodsk

Innovation: REQUEST SERVICE, Moscow

Sustainability: COTTON WAY, Moscow

Audience at The Russian National Best Practices Awards

Dry Cleaning Shops

Overall Best Practices: AJAKS, Moscow

Innovation: TAGILKHIMCHISTKA, Nizhny Tagil

Sustainability: BELOSNEZHKA, Severodvinsk

Mr. Leonid Bertsev (Left), the President of the Russian Laundry & Drycleaning Association, handling the diploma to AJAKS (Overall Best Practices at the “Dry Cleaning Shops” category)

Franchise Dry Cleaners category

Overall Best Practices: LOTOS, Ufa

Innovation: KHIMCHISTKA #1, Moscow

Sustainability: UFAKHIMCHISTKA, Ufa (Since 1943)

LOTOS won the Overall Best Practices Awards in the “Franchise Dry Cleaning” category

The Road to Milan

The GBPAP18 Final will bring together the most outstanding Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services companies from all over the world. They will showcase the capabilities of modern Professional Textile Care on October 18-19 in Milan, Italy, during ExpoDetergo 2018. An International Expert Jury with members from over 25 countries will evaluate 150 participating companies from 50 countries. The 40 nominees with the most outstanding profiles will deliver a presentation in front of the Jury and the audience on October, 19th event and therefore compete for the GBPAP 18 trophies.

Textile Cleaning and Textile Services companies from all over the world, committed to the best practices, are invited to join the competition and apply online.  The reply forms for Textile Cleaning companies (download here!) or the reply form for Textile Services companies (download here!) will have to be submitted to CINET Secretariat ( until June, 30th, 2018.

The GBPAP18 Program
The Global Best Practice Award Program stimulates the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of the professional textile care industry and will demonstrate its capabilities. It will provide a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care. The awards will be presented to the most sustainable and service oriented professional textile cleaning companies and industrial laundry/textile services companies with reference to standards in their own home country. The award emphasizes the focus of our industry towards new business models & services to end-users & clients, as well as for the environment and its people.

The GBPAP18 Final will take place at ExpoDetergo International Milan (October, 18-19, 2018)