WOPCOM Blog: Calculation methodologies for textiles services, by Floris van Eekert

Complexity or flexibility?

In the market for textiles services we can find various calculation or offering methodologies. Especially in the market for workwear rental services we see a wide variety of offering methodologies.

This means in practice that, from a customer perspective but also from the supplier perspective, there is a complexity which is not always contributing to an optimal transparency and/or quality perception. It even can create misunderstandings with impact on margins related to the rental contract or invoice. The various offering methodologies are not specific for countries or product market combinations.

In the article an overview of the methodologies  which are used by workwear rental service companies and what could help to get a better overview and understanding of these offering/calculation models. The basic elements which are defining the cost level are:

  • Number of garments in circulation;
  • Number of washes;
  • Rental price and washing price;
  • Garment personalised or per size.

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