WOPCOM Blog: Huge Potential for ELIS, by Dr. Geert Böttger

ELIS is since some years – at least since 2016/2017, when they started the takeover of Berendsen – the most discussed textile service company in Europe and also in Latin America. The textile service community witnessed an aggressive growth plan, which has been totally out of the scope of medium sized laundries and family run textile service companies. The strategic super merger with Berendsen appeared as a bang, which changed the competitive environment in some markets drastically. and which is embedding the traditional business model of textile service companies into the larger framework of asset management and asset development.

We should not think that the ELIS challenge is now over, and all efforts are only focussed to integrate Berendsen and the other approx. 50 takeovers since 2016. In contrast to the textile service community, ELIS has strong financial genes, which are a permanent driving force for the development of the company. This financial driving force has been and will be exploited for a profitable ELIS development as service company for some time ahead.  The potential is bright (a) in raising profitability of ELIS as a conglomerate of textile service companies, and (b) in improving the value of ELIS or parts of ELIS for private or institutional investors and (c) for share holders.

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