WOPCOM Blog: Texprocess 2019: new business models ahead, by Dr. Geert Böttger

Fashion on Demand

Digital is already today the weapon of the future. Enabled by digitalized processes we will see less stocks, more individualization and quicker response to market demand – also in corporate wear and linen services. The supply chain will be able to react much faster and much more differentiated on demand. The technology is partially already available. Since a few years digitalization has become a major topic in garment and textile production. Various conferences and summits have highlighted bits and pieces of hard- and software. Meanwhile solutions are consolidating and densifying to a degree, which will incubate new business models in garments and textiles.

Texprocess 2019 presented a couple of digitally controlled solutions like stitching with simultaneous yarn dying, 3D-design tools, virtual showrooms, raster image processing (RIP), automatic sorting and automatic transportation to assembly etc. The micro factories at Texprocess 2019, which followed the Texprocess microfactory 2017, displayed (a) a fashion line, (b) a technical textile line, (c) a smart textile line and (d) a knitting line. These production lines demonstrated live how their elements form a continous, digitalized process, which needed less than 45 minutes to produce from design to the ready-made product. The variety of production and product types hinted to an even broader range of applications in the future.

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