WOPCOM Blog: Transparent rental work wear contract, by Floris van Eekert

When a customer has chosen for a workwear service system in most of the cases there is a formal rental contract (+ agreement with general terms & conditions) between the customer and the service supplier.

In the market in general we do see an increasing unclarity from a customers point of view regarding the understanding and transparency of this workwear rental contract.
This causes unsatisfied customers, poor experiences around workwear rental and finally a negative impact on the workwear rental industry. The rental contract it self is one of the key drivers of low scores when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys.

In the following we give an overview of, in our opinion, most relative subjects in the rental contract which should be clear for supplier and customer. Clear means in this case that the contract is reflecting in a transparent service level, clear (monthly) invoice and “no surprises” with the contract prolongation or ending. Supplier sales or customer service should be able to explain contract in an open, transparent way.


  • Contract length
  • Termination notice
  • Early termination fee
  • Depreciation of garments
  • Replacement of garments
  • Residual contract value of garments – (take over rental garments)
  • Deduction & addition possibility
  • Price index
  • Additional fees

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