CINET Activity & Project Planning 2020

Join the events supported/organized by CINET in 2020! Please find below the 2020’s Activity Planning related to the main CINET initiatives for the Professional Textile Care industry and a preliminary list of the 2020 event supported/organized by CINET.

1. The Global Best Practice Awards 2020 Program (GBPAP20)

  • Profiling Professional Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services companies among the most extraordinary business cases in Professional Textile Care
  • Profile the industry to a worldwide audience of customers and industry stakeholders
  • Providing a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern PTC

Following two successful editions in 2016 & 2018, the Global Best Practice Awards Program 2020 is progressing at a fast pace. After the productive National Award programs (France, UK, Indonesia, SEA, Canada, The Netherlands and Brazil) more countries joined the Program and will organize National Awards in 2020 on the Road to Frankfurt (Texcare International, June 19th & 20th 2020): Italy, Russia, India, USA, and Australia/NZ. The 50 most impressive laundries will be invited to come over to Frankfurt to give a 3 minute pitch presentation about their business.

2. World of PTC Business School

  • A global E-learning platform that is constantly being developed with new content, animations, visuals and video. 2020 will mark the era of new video and visuals which will be added in the program.
  • Disseminating information worldwide on retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services on the level of Starters, Operational Excellence and Management in various languages (unique international recognition).
  • 2020 project: implement a new business school e-learning software tool.

3. International Certification

  • Setting international standards for professional laundry companies around the world with a focus on Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.
  • Contribute to international processes and management principles (quality & hygiene) such as ISO and EN.
  • CERCLEAN® and CERTEX®: A step-by-step certification program to minimize costs and maximize operational performance, supporting companies from all over the world to achieve the international standards.
  • 2020 project: include more practical formats and tools that will add value for the laundries that start the program.

4. Research and Technology

  • Accelerating innovation with an international focus: automation, digitalization, Internet of Things, Laundry on Demand, the use of big data to improve operational efficiency resulting in the 7th edition of the World of PTC: Building new PTC markets & Business Models.
  • Extend the (benchmark) study collection with projects that compare professional vs. domestic & On-premise laundry in the field of sustainability, hygiene, quality of cleaning performance and textile lifetime.

5. WOPCOM: Where partners in PTC come together

  • “Professional Textile Care Sustainability Manifest” P.R. & Communication concept to PTC Stakeholders regarding the superior sustainability profile of PTC compared to domestic and on-premise laundry.
  • Add weekly new articles on the WOPCOM knowledge platform.
  • Invite more industry experts around the globe to join the WOPCOM platform.

 6. Marketing & communication plan

  • Exchange of News Articles / Press Releases with leading trade magazines in professional textile care
  • Weekly CINET newsletter with industry news from around the globe
  • Weekly social media posts for your own network

7. Preliminary Events list for 2020, supported/organized by CINET:

    • 16 Feb – India Best Practice Awards – Mumbai – India; an awards program & training is scheduled around the Laundrex show.
    • 19-21 Feb second YEP session in Perdeone – Italy; CINET is organizing a 2 day meetup with a small group (max 12 pax) of entrepreneurs at the Electrolux Center of Excellence which work on new markets for their own business or market.
    • 8 March Italy Best Practices Awards – Milan, Italy; event organized together with Assosecco
    • 14-15 March Greek Best Practices Awards – Athens, Greece
    • 16-18 April USA Best Practices Awards – Dallas, USA; event organized together with MFM & SDA
    • 19-20 April, Russian Best Practices Awards – Moscow, Russia
    • 25-27 April, third YEP session in UK
    • 19 & 20 June GBPAP 2020 during the Texcare International show 20-24 June; The day before the show starts CINET will organize the Meet & Greet where finalist, jury members and supporting partners have the opportunity to meet each other. This will be followed with the pitches & award ceremony on 20 June.